Reuseable Components

All this while I have observed that there is so much repetitiveness happening in various parts of day to day delivery of professional services that we end up wasting or i should say end up doing 30-40% of extra time without getting any value add. This not only waste time and money but also lead to leads to non productiveness and not a valuable output.

Whether it is a formula ( of doing some peculiar calculations) finding old mails ( could have been better if some folders were defined to save specific mails) or reuseable costs for proposal.

Reusable pattern leads not only to relative easier work life but also personal life as well. For eg specific types or amount of gifts to specific set of friends and relatives.

Thinking of doing some research on pattern theory.

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Why will Cloud Computing succeed?

Two reasons why I feel cloud computing will succeed is:

a) industry leaders and hence huge money is behind the technology and buzzword

b) IT is maturing and becoming more like power grids aka utility based and similar other industries

But unless we have common standards to support this, we will again land into areas where we again and again make losses, productivity losses and educating ourselves rather than serving the wider business by using technology.

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I have always believed that the main strength lies in one’s mind and not the physical stature. If someone is mentally tough and strong, has made up their mind to do or act in some manner, they will surely be able to do that. Recently realised there are quite a few people around me who are mentally so tough that they have overcome their physical ailments and differently ableness so efficiently and in a seamless way that you can just appreciate and learn from them every other act that they perform.

Whether it is doing the daily chores, or carrying on your responsibilities towards your near and dear ones, they just excel. Sacrifice the need for your own self and out and perform.

But what if after doing and living in such a manner, you end up being a soft target of some other close ones frustrations? Are those frustrations or remarks for real or your selfless attitude to live for others? A never ending conflict in which I am sure selfless will cease to exist.

Time shall tell.

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Top widgets

Top widgets for your blog. Check at

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Diwali and Bon Fire night

Diwali at it’s best this time with Bon fire night on the same day. The sounds of fireworks outside and sweets (kaju katli) inside, who could say its not India, in UK?

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Happy Diwali

Wishing everyone, knowns and unknowns, a very happy Diwali. May this year on, life is brightened and enlightened for everyone. Peace and enrichment of thoughts be the order day.

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Utilities & Tools

Started liking this pretty decent site for finding some utilities to ease and better manage your IT activities, across various areas. Check it out:

Also for managing Data Centres, this looks decent:


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